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Art Specialized Educational Group of Experts of Henan Province Checks the Work of ZUT

The release date: 2013-12-13



  Art Specialized Educational Group of Experts of Henan Province came to ZUT and checked the work of the specialized art education.
The inspection report of specialized art education was held in meeting room 301 in the administration building. Xie Zhenshan, general secretary of ZUT, Fan Xiaowei, vice president of ZUT, Li Huijie, director of the office of undergraduate educational administration, all the deans of art schools and part of the intermediate leaders attended the meeting.
At the report meeting, Xie Zhenshan, general secretary of ZUT, paid a warm welcome to the leader of the expert group that includes Chen Bingyi, vice president of Henan University of Urban Construction, Chen Zhe, Li Xiangdong and Zhang Yixing. The expert group briefed five facets of the report of vice-president of Fan Xiaowei. The five facets include the general situations of ZUT, running conditions of art education, main ways and experiences of educational innovations, existing problems and reason analysis, improving measures and suggestions. After the report meeting, the group inspected the training bases of art on the spot, searched the relevant data and discussed with the teachers of art.
At the retrospection meeting, Chen Bingyi, leader of the group, made a speech for the result of the inspection. He mentioned that ZUT has top scientific designs, advanced running notions based on human beings, vivid educational characteristics, high quality teaching staffs, perfect teaching appliances, good situations of matriculation and employment and excellent remarks in all kinds of organized contests for undergraduates. The inspecting group also offered constructive suggestions and views on the high-quality teaching staff building and high-level scientific cultivation.
Xie Zhenshan, general secretary of ZUT, paid sincere thanks to the group. He said that ZUT will pay more attention to the construction of teaching staff and the improvement of scientific abilities, who will try to win more scientific projects and make more contributions to specialized art education in Henan Province.