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Director of People’s Daily Henan Branch Qu Changrong Appointed as Part-time Professor of ZUT

The release date: 2013-12-16

   On the afternoon of December 7th, in the meeting room 201 of the Administrative Building of the south campus of our school, the ceremony was held to appoint Qu Changrong, the director of People’s Daily Henan Branch. The deputy secretary of the School Party Committee Liu Zhigang, vice president Dong Chengming and heads of relevant departments participated in the ceremony. The appointment ceremony was hosted by Sun Bin, head of the Office of Human Resources of our school. In the ceremony, deputy secretary Liu Zhigang firstly made a welcome remark. Afterwards vice president Dong Chengming awarded Prof. Qu Changrong the letter of appointment and put the school badge on him. Prof. Qu Changrong delivered a speech and had a discussion with the present members.
   Prof. Qu Changrong is the director of the news desk of People’s Daily Henan Branch. He has successively introduced typical cases like “Moving China” news figure Xie Yanxin, Henan Lushi County Party Committee working in adobe houses, and the first children science fiction series of our country “Happy Star”. In May, 2008, he quickly arrived at the earthquake stricken area and remained at the scene in Mao County and Pengzhou of Sichuan Province for 20 days, and was awarded “National Advanced Individual in Reporting Earthquake Relief”. Besides, he was awarded “Youth Post Expert of People’s Daily” in 2008, and “Youth Post Expert of Organs under the Central Government” in 2010.
   The appointment of Qu Changrong as our school’s part-time professor will provide high-level guidance for the research in relevant majors, promote the development of relevant majors and offer important guidance to cultivate advanced applied talents.