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Study and Carry out the Spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress to Promote the Sustainable and Rapid Development of the Cause of ZUT

The release date: 2013-12-13


  The mobilization meeting of studying and implementing the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress was held in ZUT on the afternoon of the 23rd November. At the meeting, the spirit of the enlarged meeting of the Provincial Party Committee was transmitted. Combining the situations in ZUT, the implementation of the spirit was also arranged for. Xie Zhenshan, deputy secretary of ZUT, emphasized a standing point of arming our brains to guide the practice and promote the cause so as to properly manipulate the spirit.
The meeting was held in the north academic lecture hall on the fifth floor of the library in the south campus of ZUT. All the university leaders in ZUT, intermediate leaders, branch secretaries of the staff and the chiefs of democratic parties have attended the meeting. Guo Zhengrang, deputy secretary of ZUT, hosted the meeting.
At the meeting, Secretary Xie Zhenshan has put forward the following requirements:
1. Study hard to grasp the spiritual essence and thought connotations;
2. Carefully plan and organize the publication of the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress;
3. Connect the reality to guide the practice;
4. Guard the destination and seek excellence;
5. Strengthen the construction of the party around the main lines;
6. Promote the innovations driven by opening;
7. Pay more attention to the people’s livelihood so as to procure unity and harmony.
Guo Zhengrang, deputy secretary of ZUT, urged us to seriously implement the spirit of the meeting, connect the realities and carefully organize the activities in order to carry out the spirit better. He also urged us to promote the cause of ZUT in a healthy and harmonious way based on the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress.